Reid Tillery

Outdoors Enthusiast

All my life, beginning in early childhood, I've had a passion for the outdoors. My book--Surviving the Wilds of Florida--was my labor of love for how to take care of yourself in my home state's great outdoors. I'm a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, certified through S.O.L.O. To further improve my competency in the outdoors, I've studied navigation--both land and marine--extensively. Although I'm competent with a GPS, and have taught classes in GPS, my philosophy is for safety's sake one should know low-tech navigation first, then graduate to GPS. I taught at the college level for 14 years--four years as a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Georgia, and ten years at St. Johns River Community College, here in Florida. I love learning, and I love teaching. I especially love learning and teaching outdoor skills.

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