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I have been teaching for two and half years now in the grades of PreK, 1st grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd grade. I was the primary teacher at my daycare center while teaching PreK, and was co-teaching with a licensed teacher in the elementary school. I will be Student teaching in the fall of 2015 in a 6th grade classroom through New Mexico State University. I do have recommendation letters on request from my co-operating teachers from 1st grade and 2/3rd grade as well as evaluations.

While teaching in the PreK classroom I had the responsibility of lesson planning, assessment, classroom management, and adherence to the state standards. I had to develop my own curriculum for the classroom because there was no curriculum in place. In my class we studied motor skills, literacy, phonics, science, music, numeracy, geometry and social emotional development. I developed my own assessments to monitor learning daily with portfolios of students work and documentation of informal assessments. The classroom had to adhere as well to the ECERS which was required by the state. It was my job to make certain that at all times my classroom was safe and educationally stimulating.

In the elementary school my job was primarily to assist and aid in reading instruction and writing. I developed daily creative writing projects, read alouds, and assessments of student learning. Math was almost exclusively taught in the afternoon so I have less experience teaching at the elementary school level. I am teaching elementary school because I am very diverse in my skill set. My concentrations for my B.S. are Science and Language Arts. I will also be testing through the NES to include music, art, and technology as well. I currently have passed my NMTA and NES Teacher Competency, Basic Skills, and Elementary Content.

Technology is becoming a dominant force in the classroom and I feel it is my job to improve and contribute to that environment. I chose Udemy for its professionalism and dedication to quality. I hope on Udemy to create a course integrating Math and Art (String Math). If that course goes well I hope to teach other courses possibly on the new method of classroom management Positive Redirection or Handbell Technique.

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