Childbirth Educator Rebecca Veltri

Empowering Informed Decisions During Pregnancy

Rebecca is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and a childbirth educator trained in a popular natural childbirth technique. When she was pregnant, she was frustrated by the lack of information on anything other than a medicated birth or planned cesarean section, despite working in a hospital. There seemed to be a huge gap between the medical information and the generic pregnancy information found in popular books and websites. She endeavored to learn as much as she could through classes and reading and successfully had a natural birth (water birth). Since then, she has passionately dedicated much of her free time to helping other women/couples realize their birth goals. She teaches an in person class, as well as, mentors clients online. Her background as a physical therapist, combined with her own experience, gives her a unique advantage in understanding how the body works, from a holistic perspective.

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