RJ Bryan


Hey. Im originally from the UK, but I moved to New York City when I was just kid and feel in love with the city. After graduating from Northeastern University in Boston, I went back to NYC to start my Real Estate business at Keller WIlliams. Soon after I wrote my 1st book and now I focus on helping people build their business online.

Online Business

Although I have a love for Real Estate, I grew a passion for online business. I saw that everything was going online, even the real estate business. Then I began developing content, marketing businesses and creating sites (with others and for myself). My favorite part of the online business is SEO, Keyword Research and Community Building. This is my main focus.

Real Estate

For the past 8 years I have gained experience in the Real Estate business from many sectors. I was an assistant for a residential mortgage broker, agent and hard money lender (which I still dabble in). I like Real Estate soon after leaving Keller Williams I varied more into online business. Why? because I like the freedom of creating something that an unlimited number of people can access, use, and share after I've only spent minutes or a few hours creating.

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