Ram Mohan

Software Engineer by Profession, Financial guru by choice

Ram is a self taught financial expert with over 15 years experience investing in both the mutual fund and stock markets. Ram's portfolio is truly international as he owns stocks, and funds in Indian, Australian and US markets

Ram is a regular contributor to several different financial forums viz. Moneycontrol, JagoInvestor. He is also a financial advisor to several of his friends and work colleague (Ram is a s/w professional in his regular job) and has helped design and plan investments for many of them.

Most of Ram's knowledge has been self-taught but due to his in-depth practial experience, he is regularly sought out by many people who are just starting out in the investing world as well as by regular investors for advice and help. Since Ram is a s/w professional, he combines his knowledge of the money markets along with his technical skills to make investing easy and something that can be done "at the click of a button" which makes his tips highly sought after by the communities he frequents

He runs his own movie blog in his free time as well and is also authoring a book on financial freedom

Ram is a veteran in the software industry having played with Unix as early as in 1993 and is called on to troubleshoot problems with friends and colleagues' computer issues. His experience as a Support Manager has seen him work on a wide variety of technologies including HTML, ColdFusion, Java, JSP, J2ME along with all possible Database and AppServer flavors.

He currently serves as a software consultant on several startup projects and runs his own podcast site interviewing Indian startups and entrepreneurs

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