Ralph Stamper

Internet Marketing

Hi, my name is Ralph Stamper, I was in the Army for 10 years and trained as a Skill at Arms & ECM Instructor (Electronic Counter Measures) when I left the Army I transferred my Instructor skills over to offline marketing and sales tuition, this was way back when in 1986.

When the internet came along I was a bit slow to swap offline for online, but I did as every one did in the end and I have over 10+ years experience and over the years have collaborated on various courses mainly Internet Marketing & Forex Strategies.

I now work with a small team of Internet Marketer's who between us cover a lot of topics, we have Paul who does most of our course narratives mainly because he has the best recording voice also 10+ years experience

Then there is Jamie and Daniel who do most of the research on the topics we cover to make sure we bring you up to date information, 15+ years between them

Then I come along and put it all together 10+ years experience

From a Skill at Arms/ECM Instructor to sales & marketing this gives me a really good skill set at laying out lesson plans and getting the message over to you. Between us we aim to deliver informative and beneficial courses for you.


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