Rachel Smets

Speaker, Lecturer, Trainer & bestselling author

Rachel is a TEDx speaker, lecturer, language instructor, and bestselling author of 'Awaken Your Confidence: 15 People share their Journey to Success.'

 Living and working in several countries for many years, she developed a passion for cultures and languages. Besides boosting people's confidence, intercultural awareness and conversational languages  are her favorite topics to teach online and offline.

She graduated from the University of Maryland (US) with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and achieved her master’s degree in management from the University of St Andrews (UK).

Born and raised in Belgium, she worked and lived in several countries, and currently resides in the Netherlands.

Striving, Sure,  Social & Sportive. She keeps her mind & body in balance by daily exercising either while running outside or lifting weights at the gym.

Rachel enjoys motivating and inspiring people to become the person they want to be. 

                                       ~ Life changes, and so can you! ~

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