As an entrepreneur, I've always thought outside of the preverbal box. I've always wanted to be my own boss, not working anyone, self sufficient. And so I knew that there were vehicles that would allow me to do just that.
I started off in the real estate market. We did extremely well flipping houses, however when the market turned in 2008 I decided that real estate was no longer a viable option. in 2009 I stumbled on a friend who introduced me to trading the market. I have been trading the market for the past 6 six years and in my journey I haven taken many courses and spent (wasted) a lot money trying to understand how the market works. I knew that there was a way to make a living trading. Over the past six years though, I have been able to create a money making strategy that has a high level of accuracy. Now I have a proven method to make money from the stock market. They say that "Rising tides lift all ships", and so that being said, I want lift as many ships as I can around the world. My mission is to teach this method and give my students the freedom that comes with self sufficiency.

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