Pramod Saini

C.T.O, iCalibrator Training Pvt. Ltd.

Pramod has been in the IT (Software) industry since 1988.

Pramod was a co-founder of Momentum Technologies, a leading software services organization in Noida (India). After an acquisition of his business by the French IT leader, Sopra Group, Pramod decided to work towards enhancing the IT skills of software professionals world wide. He is now the C.T.O. at iCalibrator, which focuses on this objective.

Before co-founding Momentum, Pramod worked at Wipro's (a leading Software Services Company in India) Global R&D. He was involved in the development of the first Unix based multi-processor system in India. Pramod has extensive experience in a variety of technologies including Operating Systems, device drivers, Java, and Microsoft Technologies.

Pramod is very passionate about the use of Linux and other Open Source technologies in the IT sector. He also nurtures a dream of creating a large pool of very smart IT engineers.

Pramod holds a Bachelors Degree in Electronics & Communications Engineering and a Masters Degree in Computer Science, both from IIT, Chennai.

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