Praise Mok

Principal Consultant, ROHEI

Praise is Principal Consultant at ROHEI. She has been in the field of Training and Development since 1999. Known for her creativity and clarity of understanding, Praise oversees the ideation process when contextualizing training and development interventions. She directs the program curriculum development and physical space design with a goal to expedite the transfer of learning to the workplace.

She was involved as a key member of the curriculum development team in a consulting group for Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and was selected as a curriculum specialist and assessor of programmes. She has facilitated workshops for all levels of management in both government and MNC corporate settings, and was consulted in corporate-wide organization development interventions that have assisted organizations to achieve their transformational objectives. She was also designated as a lead instructor for certification programs of psychometric learning tools.

She holds Bachelor of Law (Honors) from National University of Singapore and holds a Master of Training and Development with Griffith University, Australia. She is a licensed Coach and Coaching Clinic Facilitator with certification from the Corporate Coach U and has been engaged by the WDA as a curriculum specialist.

Praise is energized by family and community. A mother of four rambunctious children, two singletons and a set a twins, she is also the wife of a husband who harbours secret hopes of being a musician. Family life is fodder for comedy and weekends are often spent in the company of family and good church mates. In the midst of these daily happenings, Praise has gained many valuable insights about life and living, insights that have often been woven into her program design.

Praise has also acquired multi-tasking skills, skills that have increased in proportion to the number of children born. Indeed, necessity has truly been the mother of invention. This life skill has allowed her to work effectively whether she is engaging in discussions on curriculum design or at home overseeing the supervision of her children and the running of the household. It has also given her an enlarged capacity to love life more and breathe slower.

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