Potestas Consulting

"Ipsa scienta potestas est"

"Knowledge itself is power"

Hi! I’m Marc Garcia, COO of Potestas Consulting. I’m a certified Project Manager who has developed training programs for companies like FedEx and American Airlines as well as Agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration, The US Army and the US Coast Guard.

I’m also an “extreme hobbyist”: When not working with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, I train individuals and teams on how to compete in extreme obstacle course races. Currently, I’m ranked in the top 5% for his age and gender in the SPARTAN RACE Series. I’ve also played football at the high-school as well as the college level. During the Football season, I participate as a player and an official in several local football leagues.

Potestas Consulting is a partnership of Certified Project Management Professionals and trainers based in the southeastern United States. We create courses and teach subjects like customer service, physical security and project management, as well as provide IT solutions to local business throughout the region. We have over 20 years of experience training clients like British Airways and SwissAir through live, hands-on classes as well as facilitating eLearning courses.

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