Pong Lizardo

Let's keep things simple.

Hi! I'm Pong Lizardo. I'm a graphic designer. I work in an advertising agency and I've been freelancing on the side for over 10 years. My design skills and being artistically inclined served me well in life.

I learned most of the things I know and developed the skills I have by myself. I was not fortunate to have Udemy back in the day. I had to deconstruct and develop the skill of learning. Lucky for you, you've got Udemy and you've got me! I'm here to share everything I know so you don't have to waste your time learning things by yourself.

I've done the hard part of finding easy and simple ways to learn graphic design skills (that includes photography, illustration, computers skills, web design, paintingsculpting, art, design, etc.), so that you can acquire the skills and knowledge that you need as efficiently as possible. I make the daunting task of learning these skills simple, easy, and fun!

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