Phillip Roos

Networking Engineer/Trainer and Microsoft/Linux Server PRO

Phillip Roos is a Networking Engineer/Trainer who works with 100 000+ students to Teach and help them be successful in any IT Career.

Phillip knows and believes that affordable means of education is the best way to enrich and provide a future for others, together through education we build a future.

Phillip has trained more than a few thousands of students worldwide and these numbers increase daily by the thousands.

Phillip is trained and a certified professional within more than 100 fields of study and technologies.

Phillip holds more than 40 international Certifications and Diplomas from various providers including Microsoft, CompTIA and more….

Phillip`s Motto in life “If i can give you everything possible (Even my last cent) just to see that you get somewhere in life, that's enough for me to keep on living.”

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