Mr Philip Campbell

digital nomad | youtuber | udemy instructor

I love playing with technology and making it easier for others to understand.

My journey has taken many paths in the last twenty years and currently i'm living in Derbyshire, England from the icanhazvan project.

I've Worked with Digital Agencies over the years as a Video Brand Advocate and Blogger with 1000heads (Nokia) and Crayon (watchtv/verisign) learning the art of Transmedia Storytelling.

My intention is to push to be living off-grid (with on-grid internet!) teaching my daughter about all things sustainable in the process and teaching her and others about data.

Sold the domain name 'medm' to Evan Williams of Twitter fame during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games for a five figure sum and helped out a Tornado hit town with the same name (Phil Campbell, Alabama) with Social Media and awareness to help get the coverage it deserved as part of the 'im with phil' project and documentary.

My courses are priced for everyone to afford. Purchasing my courses allows me to live out my dream of working digitally from revenue i make from my creative works.

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