Peter Cook

Serial Entrepreneur, Coach/Instructor

I am Peter Cook, an entrepeneur and instructor who travels the world. I am passionate about helping people grow and becoming the best version of themselves they can possibly be.

This is a process I have gone through myself. After having practiced law for almost eight years at a big law firm, I decided to quit in order to pursue a more meaningful life. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. After doing a lot of soul searching, I figured out what matters the most to me: helping others grow. I aligned my life with that purpose. I am really excited to share my knowledge and expertise with you, in order to help you to become the best possible you!

I love learning and building my expertise. For example, I have over nine hundred hours in advanced yoga teacher training and yoga therapy training. 

I am particularly interested in how the mind and body are interconnected. I used to see my body as something that brought my head into meetings, but that couldn’t have been more wrong. To become the best possible version of yourself, a harmonious balance between mind and body is key. This is an essential part of what I teach.

What Other People Have To Say After Working With Me...

"I have been lucky enough to have been in some of Peters workshops. They are always informative, inspiring and full of humour and humility."

Luke Bache, yoga instructor

Reviews For My Courses...

"This is an amazing course that covers a wide range of focus techniques and productivity tools. I had never heard of most of the focus techniques, so I really enjoyed that section. The instructor covers it all really well, in sufficient depth and with a light touch. Loved the pop culture references!"

Wim Vinken, student in Develop Super Focus and Become Highly Productive in No Time!


"I've been practicing the exercises of the course and I'm learning to perform the poses. I felt a remarkable change and that only took a week to practice them. I really liked this course, it is something I was looking for. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge."

Edgar Cesar Martinez, student in Stress and Anxiety Free Now With Yoga: Quick and Easy.


"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is different in that it is giving you physical exercises to do to train the mind to concentration. I have done a few of them, with some variation, and they were helpful. Peter is a very good instructor. He is knowledgeable and very capable to interest students and to encourage them that they really can do this. Very highly recommended. Strong emphasis on yoga, but not in the way you expect. This is an intentional breath of fresh air. Well done."

Theresa Garces Johnson, student in Develop Super Focus and Become Highly Productive in No Time!

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