Paul Naude


Almost all successful people will tell you that if you want to know what your are passionate about, ask yourself what you are willing to do right through the night, even if there is no big benefit, need or motivation to.

For me its creating a clear visual message using the right photos and images. Adding the right image to any presentation, blog post, online tutorial or website is what can keep me going for hours.

My photo and image editing skills made that possible and makes me strive to learn more and more techniques everyday to get to what I want faster. I also love finding new software and apps with which to do interesting things, but nothing beats that personal touch to an image.

Apart from being an engineer with most of my experience being in simulation and analysis and the sales and support thereof, I enjoy teaching complicated material and always strives to make things simpler and easier to learn to people who otherwise wouldn't.

Visual aids are always a great tool to help me transfer knowledge and sell a product. I have created many blogs in which I expose people to advanced technologies, to help them get started instead of deciding its too complicated right away. I love technology and can't help myself but to share it with others. I also know that today our human creativity is our biggest asset and heaven forbid that it would ever be possible for a computer to be creative too!

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