Patrycja Angelika Jeleniewicz

Professional Artist

My name’s Patrycja Jeleniewicz, I was born in Poland, but I grew up in Italy where I deeply enjoyed attending an awesome Art Academy for five years and where I started my life as a professional artist.

I had the pleasure of learning from great art teachers various subject and experiment many techniques. I also, worked side by side with different artist, ever since my academic journey, and participated in numerous contest and exhibitions. 

As a young person passionate about art I found my way to improve myself, improve my art, promote it and share results and my knowledge with other art lovers.

If you're reading this you must be one of them and I'm grateful you've found this platform to fulfil your curiosity and passion.

I have plenty of experience to offer when it comes to history of art, various techniques (watercolour, acrylic, oil painting, all sorts of pastels and pencils, ink, pottering, sculpturing..just to mention few), digital programs related and helpful for artist ( Photoshop, Auto cad, Lightroom, Palletton, ..), social media and ways to promote your art as well. And I can't wait to share it with you!

Now I’m located in Brisbane (Australia), where I work mostly on private commissions and teach privately people who love make art.

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