Patrick Körting

Marketing & Process Architect

My background is the international music industry. Project management was one of my first fields of responsibility. Later on I started to book artists and took over some parts of radio, print and TV promotion. In the end marketing became my business.

I guess I was a little headache for some people, because I was always trying to optimize (especially ease) processes - although it wan´t my job (in the first place). Put it in other words: when you gave me a schedule to enter the artist bookings, I would´t start to use your spreadsheet to organize my daily business - NO. I would build an improved schedule template and convince you, that shifting all schedules company wide would be an idea worth thinking of..

This obsession for planing & structure plus my approach to solve issues by getting a vast overview before getting into details led me to a new idea: Founding my own company - a digital business consultancy. My experiences as founder & CEO gave me deep insights into the brought spectrum of online marketing & process optimizing for different clients.

2014 i was assigned to proceed a global switch of a European corporation with 10 employees to a new ERP-Software: I started with developing a list of requirements based on the companies processes & needs to begin my research. I tested plenty of software solutions to finally find my favorite answer: Odoo. The following month i was in charge of implementing this ERP & customize it together with a specialized tech-agency. Teaching the employees how to work with the new system was the most ambitious and also most underestimated part of the whole project. Today I work for this company, having the nickname "Mr. Odoo" - (Would have preferred something cooler, to be honest)

The intention to create a more sustainable & cost-effective way of teaching people to work with this system made me ponder for quite a while. My enthusiasm for this software and it´s solution for countless problems many companies face were the final kick-off for creating my first video course.

At the different stations of my diversified professional life, I developed an extraordinary perception & learning aptitude, to master ambitious challenges. I use my comprehensive knowledge about marketing, value chains and corresponding structures to link and intermesh individual measures of different disciplines. Since over an decade i am fascinated by decoding customer needs, their motivations and process optimization.

I love innovation driven quality. I want to share this excitement.


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