Mark Ong

Entrepreneur/Educator/Trainer in Personal Finance/Investing

I'm Born in Singapore, 1977, Asian Chinese, Aged 39 (as of 2016). I held a Diploma, started working since aged 18, been in I.T Industry for 18 years (as of 2016). Started my first IT hardware importer business in 2001. Married in 2010 & have a son in 2011 named Michael Ong.

My investing journey is as follows:

Invested in SG Equity Market for 4 years, US Equity Market for another 4 years, Gained Valuable PitFall Experiences while “Giving away" a total Est. US $100k within 8yrs.

Afterwhich I started educating myself by attending Live Seminars by Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, David Novac, Joel Bauer, etc. I've attended courses (2006-2015) such as "Business & You", "Options for Success", "Unleash the Power Within", "Date With Destiny", "Wealth Mastery", "Passion 2 Profit", "Options Trading with Certainty".

I've assisted and coached over 60+ students in Options Trading seminars in both English & Mandarin languages during 2006-2007.

Been conducting my own private Investment Workshops since 2007.

Designed & Started "CASHFLOW INVESTING" 3-Master Steps System in year 2011 using a Live Trading account to show as example of "Walk the Talk", posted on my blogspot sg named "mark-destiny".

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