Nicole White, CHHC, AADP, RYT, Author of: Upgradeology

Author: Upgradeology - Upgrade Your Food, Upgrade Your Life

I was put on my first diet at 8 years old and yet didn't even understand what real nutrition was until my world came falling apart while in college. I had severe pains in my hands that prevented me from doing the work I loved. Years later I found myself extremely overweight, fatigued, depressed and a daily feeling of hopelessness. I sought help through an Acupuncturist. I found through REAL nutrition (not popular diet's) and emotional work, that I was able to heal my body. I realized that emotional patterns prompted certain behaviors, like my affinity for sugar and overeating, and I discovered that in order to truly heal, it had to be on all levels, spiritually, mindfully, emotionally and physically. It is not through food alone, not through meditation alone, or through exercise alone, nor is it through relationships alone – it's the big picture and how it all weaves together.

My adventures have taken me to Washington to explore art and Yoga, to Oregon to become a certified Nia and movement teacher, to the west coast to explore meditation and spirituality, to the red rocks of Sedona to learn about energy healing, to the high desert of Arizona to experience low-glycemic live food and feel the stillness the desert has to offer. Through the top nutrition and coaching school in the world to be able to deliver results, and to New Mexico to put it all together like a beautifully woven tapestry. I am here to share my 20+ years of experience, hope and joy with you.

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