There is no money in the markets without risk.

While the larger loosing audience in this business tries to run around looking for non existent safe ways, constantly fooling themselves with false hope and greed, you have come here to dive in and learn how to take bigger risks with complete confidence, for as the saying goes - 

"Risk is the currency of the gods."

Trading was the first business that I learned and remains my primary business till now, I learned things on my own, the hard way (blown accounts obviously)  for who do not have teachers, market teaches them very welI and this is the way of the markets, however that is not how you have to proceed.

What gives me the eligibility to teach you?

As per qualifications I hold 5 certificates related to trading namely : 

Research Analyst 

Technical Analysis 

Option Strategies 

Equity Derivatives

Currency Derivatives

All certificates awarded by  :

NSE - National Stock Exchange and

NISM - National Institute of Securities Markets 

More importantly I have traded every market from Equities to Futures to Currency as well as Commodities using the concepts that I teach.

I also hold a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

Apart from all this I run a Youtube channel with 5000+ subscribers on which I post videos related to trading basics and market forecasts, it's called "50 Eyes", I also run a website with the same name.

My goal here is to deliver courses that will convert you first into a full fledged analyst and then a trader.

Being good at analysis means knowing your risk and rewards with certainty, having certainty in this regard brings confidence while taking your own trades and that is what makes one a successfull trader.

So if you are serious about making money then join me in one of my courses and find out more!

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