Naveen Raju

Corporate Coach | Consultant | Premium Instructor at Udemy

Naveen Raju does - Corporate Coaching | Training - Offline & Online | Consultation - Corporate as well as Learning & Development | Speaking | Writing

His Areas - Soft Skills | Life Skills | Behavioral Training | Organizational Re-orientation & Transformation | Communication & Aptitude | Motivational Speaking | Online Teaching | Writing Offline & Online

His Portfolio - Offline: About 150,000 trainees in more than 7 states. More than 170 training modules covered. Online: 1,560 trainees from 103 countries.

His Psychometric Profile - MBTI: ENFJ, 16PF: Investigative, Very Curious & High EQ.

Other Qualities: Technology aficionado, Ubiquitous love for Learning, Never-ending commitment for Excellence and beyond.

His Experience - Has more than 11 years of experience in Human Resources Management, Business Development & Business Analysis.

His Story - With a very humble beginning, Naveen Raju realized that he had an enduring interest in knowing the “Why” behind every “What”.

This special quality drove him to go places, explore, learn more, get deep insights and share them with all those who needed them. His quest took him to learn Multimedia Computing Engineering and do an MBA after that.

Pretty soon, Naveen realized that it is failure that teaches a person lasting lessons than success itself. It is these interplays between success and failure that play a crucial role in shaping one’s character, beliefs and ultimately the outcomes that last a lifetime.

These inculcated deep values like Gratitude, Integrity and a Customer-oriented thinking in him that sought Excellence, Perfectionism & Professionalism.

Out of deep interest and inclination, he has become an Independent Corporate Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant and Transformation Catalyst with the quest of imparting permanent, life-changing know-hows and skill-sets for the upwardly mobile professional.

He is also committed to life-long Continuous Improvement of self, peers and everyone around him.

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