Natasha Nurse-Clarke

Bringing innovation to education in the digital age!

I am a nurse and a college educator. I help other motivated educators leverage the tools needed to teach online successfully so that they can create lively, engaging, quality courses from the comfort of their homes!

I have been a college instructor for 4 years and a nurse for 11 years. I have a Masters degree in Nursing and I am working on a PhD in Nursing. I LOVE teaching online. I have presented at various conferences on the topic of online learning and I take lots of development courses in this area as well. What I have realized over the years is that there's so much that can be done in an online class and there are so many things we can do as educators to make the learning experience exciting for students! There are so may tools at our disposal and I plan to leverage them to their fullest extent and I invite everyone to come along with me for the ride!

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