Nash Lin

Digital Media Coach

Nash is a multimedia trainer since 2007. He graduated from SAE Institute with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Multimedia, specialises in digital animation after graduation.

Nash loves animation. He creates flip book animation, 2D frame by frame animation and 3D fighting animation. Nash designs concept and draw storyboards for animation videos and interactive applications. Recently he is also involved in creating his own mobile game with Unity.

Nash also has great interest in teaching. He likes to share his efficient way of learning to his student. He believes learning can be fun and enjoyable. This is achieved when his students are able to see immediate result by following his step by step demonstration.

Nash wants to make learning animation affordable. He creates many video tutorials so that his students are able to watch his training and learn at their own pace. Nash's vision is to reach out and benefit more animation enthusiasts with his teaching pedegogy.

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