Moosa Mateen

Toronto Based Business Student, Graphic Design Guru

Hola, Salaam, Namaste and Bonjour!

My name's Moosa Mateen and I'm currently a business student in my 3rd year in University. Now you're probably wondering "what is a business student doing teaching graphic design? Shouldn't you be learning microeconomics and things about the business cycle?". Well, you're very correct, however, design is my hobby and a passion. I've been sketching and doodling since I was 5 years old and its something that has stuck to me ever since. I've won numerous art and design competitions since grade school and have been engaged in freelance work since I was 12. I was never in a design program academically, but rather, have pursued design on my own time and that is one of the reasons that I am so passionate about design work. I have worked on large scale projects such as creating logos for real estate agents at brokerages in Toronto and also help my own dad out from time to time with his own web design and artwork. I hope to share my enthusiasm and creativity through teaching at Udemy and in doing so, also wish that my lectures prove beneficial for beginners and advanced artists alike.

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