Education Startup Backed by Financial Professionals

MoneyCoach is a free website that makes it fun and easy for anyone to learn how to manage their finances online. 

MoneyCoach was designed by college students and backed by financial professionals! 

Our educational videos closely align with the U.S. Treasury Financial Education Core Competencies, a comprehensive blueprint designed to enhance baseline financial literacy in the United States. Beyond these competencies, our curriculum also includes Estate Planning, Long-Term Disability and Renters Insurance, How to Get Housing, How to Get a Car, Finances and Relationships, and much more.

Here's what Professor Karin Bonding, CFA and longtime Personal Finance Professor at UVA had to say about MoneyCoach: "The videos presented in MoneyCoach will prepare even the most unprepared student at any university to avoid some of the most basic financial pitfalls. Having taught personal finance for 19 years at University of Virginia, I can attest to the financial illiteracy prevalent among students. These videos will be of invaluable help in overcoming the shame of having to ask questions that maybe should have been obvious, but somehow stump even the brightest student. An absolute must-have for any young person."

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