Mike Pettigrew

Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author and Success Coach

Mike Pettigrew started his first business at age 15, and since then he has bought, built and sold more than 15 businesses, and his companies have made millions.

He is the author of several books including the #1 Amazon bestseller Unlock Gratitude Now! and he has been interviewed on radio and TV more than 100 times.

Several years ago, after selling his first successful business to a multinational, Mike lost everything. He trusted the wrong people, and made bad investments and even reached the point where he had no money to feed his wife and their baby who had just been born.

This was a devestating experience, but it taught Mike powerful lessons about the nature of the mind and how success and failure are really created.

Mike transformed his situation and went on to even greater success. He now helps other people to transform their circumstances and achieve the life they have always yearned for.

He is also the founder of The Institute for Afterlife Research and it is his mission to empower people though his own experiences of both success and failure.

Mike is also a motivational speaker and provides coaching for people who are comitted to achieving their goals and creating a better life. He is also the creator of several courses and training programs that help his students to do this.

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