Mike Nuttall

Web Application Developer

Mike has been building web applications, websites, and on-line training courses for over 15 years.

For the last 5 years he has been a freelance web developer creating successful websites and web applications for his clients.

Before that he created web applications and on-line learning resources for a diverse group of employers including private companies, web agencies, Universities and the British Army.

He originally studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering then went on to do an MSc in Computer Communications and Networks. For his MSc Thesis he wrote software that analysed MPEG 4 video data, the software was used in hardware development for video devices.

This led to work in multimedia as an educational resource at university, and armed forces level.

He has created courses with diverse subjects including: Battlefield Tactics, A Foundation Course in Environmental Studies, Volcanism, Workplace Assessments and more.

As well as creating on-line learning resources he has built many different types of websites and web applications, including on-line forums, blogs, and sites related to sport, the food-industry, automotive and building trades.

He is still actively involved in building and maintaining commercial websites, and making sure his clients make the most of their on-line presence.

In his spare time he likes to cycling and spending time in the hills.

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