Miguel Alho

Develeper and Owner of Miguel Alho - Multimedia

I am currently running my own web-based software development company (mainly .NET based ) building HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) software for HR teams. I've also been employed as a teacher to 7th and 8th graders in Tec. Ed. classes, and voluntarily accepting 12th grade internships of IT students through local schools.

I am currently finishing a couple of web based projects for one of Sonae's human resources departments - Sonae being the largest private employer in Portugal, after having concluded a project for a Cape Verdian Bank (in colaboration with G333.Net).

When possible, I work on internal R&D projects, namely our devolpment framework, a DSL for code generation, and product ideas. I also colaborate with various local companies and institutions, both professionaly and voluntarily, namely the Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Murtosa.

My colleagues and I are experienced in developing costumized software, service and database solutions for businesses. We work with .Net, PostrgeSQL databases (or others as needed) , Ajax and Javascript based interfaces and our own internal framework for rapid development and maitenance.

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