We would like to take this opportunity to Thank you for choosing our course.

My wife Michelle and I love to share our years of experience and expertise with the world.

It is our honor and privilege to be chosen by you to be your mentors.

Ezzat & Michelle Moghazy collectively offer a diverse background, below are a few of their qualifications:

Ø  Master’s degree in Physical Therapy,2008

Ø  Currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Healthcare Administration & Management @ Capella University.

Ø  Grand Master Reiki Instructor, 1999

Ø  Qualified Taping Instructor since 2011, USA.

Ø  Stress & Weight Management Consultant (Canada & UK 2010)

Ø  Mind Mapping Instructor (TLI) (UK 2013)

Ø  Founder of ABA Medical Supplies (Globally 2013-2014)

Ezzat’s aim is to offer his various stress and pain management methods. He offers exuberant enthusiasm to work with you & your practice towards helping all those who suffer from pain and stress. He has been an innovator in the healthcare industry worldwide for nearly two decades! Ezzat has also been a guest across the globe at many prestigious platforms, including podcast, TV shows, social media and radio outlets.

Michelle offers nearly 15 years of extensive real-estate, investments, and business strategies. Prior to her several default management positions and 15 years in the Real Estate Industry, her career was extensively focused on sales and marketing, specifically pertaining to small business outlets. She has worked closely with technology, telecom and computer related infrastructures. Michelle studied Business Strategies, as well as International Business and Marketing at Metro State University in Denver.  Michelle is a native of Colorado, however has also resided in Florida and New York City. She is involved in multiple non-profit organizations.

In essence, YOU will get the best of both of their experiences in their Books & courses.

A Little Note from Ezzat:

Health and Wellness is not just a profession but also my passion.  I have been in the health care industry for close to two decades, focusing primarily on client wellness, world class health care treatments and global wellness education.  Over the years and through my travels around the world, I have met a variety of world energy healers.  I’ve been fortunate to have had hands on experience of how powerful energy is at healing the mind, body and soul naturally. My goal is to show people how to discover the beauty of life by bringing my global experiences to local communities.  After being a Consultant Physical Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher & Healer all over the world, I have experienced the magic results of healing people and finding full recovery through the combination of these holistic treatment methods.

How I can enrich you or your practice:

I offer several Healing and treatment methods and techniques. I have mastered and practiced how to Ease the Cause of all types of Pain, Meditation and Anti-Stress Relaxation Techniques (Individuals/groups), Self-Energy Healing for Your Daily Life Struggles and Pains, Children and Office Ergonomics Correction Methods, Neck and Back Pain Resolving Treatment, Weight Management Programs, Manual Therapy Techniques (MRM Bars), Kinesio Taping Treatment, Dry Cupping Therapy, Mind Mapping techniques to help individuals towards Financial Freedom, Health Freedom, Time Freedom and, Happiness!  I can heal, coach and motivate those around me. I am a team player and leader. I love to excel in my career and look forward to new challenges and growth. My motto is, “The power we have within us is infinite, let me help you find the root cause behind your pain and stress and correct it!

A Few Things Ezzat & Michelle Believe to Be True:

Ø  Our life mission is to make somebody else’s life better.

Ø  Success is all about growing others.

Ø  Be welling to be ourselves so other people can see their souls in us.

Ø  The way we believe in teaching is to put ourselves in your shoes.

Ø  Empowering, inspiring and motivating others is the core of who we are.

Ø  We believe you have found the right guide in us. It is our honor and privilege.

Ø  Being a servant Instructor’s advantage, puts back the concept of caring into care.

Ø  We value people and treat them as ends rather than means.

Ø  Our promise is to show commitment to the students’ community, to like the people we serve and be liked by them.

 We value you and appreciate you and just want to leave you with one statement.

“Sharing is Caring, Caring is Love, Love is Life, Life is Happiness!”- M. & E. Moghazy



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