Michele Boyer

Genealogist and genealogy teacher

I began working on my family genealogy in the mid 1980s, picking up where my Mom left off. Soon, I learned that my cousin had picked up where his Mom left off, and we combined our trees. My first challenge was a brick wall: who were my maternal great-grandparents and why did they put their children in an orphanage. My next challenge was a family legend about how the Hearst empire took ownership of my great-great-uncle's Homestake Mines. While the legends were far more exciting than the facts, it turned out to be a very interesting story, anyway.

Since then, we've uncovered the truth behind family legends and revealed our ancestors adventurous lives so thoroughly that we just published one biography in a local history publication, and are planning a few more writings.

Through research, I was invited to start genealogy clubs and teach genealogy through local history museums and community educations programs. When searching for further education on family history research I discovered there were no ancestry related courses on Udemy, and thought there just needed to be a few. So, I am adapting my classroom courses to Udemy's online format, and hope to maintain the "Genealogy Research Group" relationships through Udemy's discussion board that accompanies each course.

Please join us to embark, literally, on "the adventure of your life."

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