Michele Ryan

Virtual Reality Producer

My passion is sharing knowledge and inspiring people to explore their curiosities. As a life-long learner, I’ve found that assimilating information is not enough. I also need to break down complex topics and present them to others. Doing so locks that knowledge into my memory and builds a more tacit understanding of the material.

  I create courses in my primary fields of interest:

·         Virtual Reality (Including VR, AR, 360, MR, etc.)

·         VR Filmmaking: Narrative Storytelling in Virtual Environments

·         Screenwriting, especially writing for VR

·         VR Product Management

·         Business Management

·         Technology in Education

·         Various Other Business & Entertainment Topics


Born and raised in the United States, I got my undergrad degree in Business. After a great career in the business world, I went back to school in France getting my MBA/MSc in International Business. Then it was off to the United Kingdom where I used Virtual Reality as part of my research while studying for my PhD.

Now back in the USA, working in the Entertainment industry for a studio in Hollywood, California.

  Curiosity is your brain’s way of saying, “Hey you! Go learn something!”

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