Eagle Force

Management Systems Consulting

Eagle Force is a training, facilitating, and consulting firm with offices in Ohio, Texas, and California that helps organizations, large and small, develop management systems that make business sense as well as meet the requirements of a standard. Achieving certification comes secondary to developing a system that improves on quality and delivery while reducing costs. Systems that meet business needs will invariably meet the needs of a standard but the reverse is not always true.

With roots going back to Deming and Juran, Bill Houser, Eagle Force's president, developed an integrated productivity/quality management approach that was instrumental in the success of such notable and divergent organizations as Ford Motor Company, Dupont, Rubbermaid, T-Fal, Corpus Christi Army Depot, Case International Harvester, American National Can, Monroe Shock Absorbers, and Newport News Shipbuilding Yard, the only aircraft carrier manufacturer in the United States.

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