Michael Greenhouse

The Human Movement and Performance Specialist

Michael the owner and founder of Pure Functional Movements -- which is a strength and conditioning theory that strives to get the most out of every human by pushing them out of their comfort zone in a safe, and efficient way. We do this by breaking down the human body and rebuilding it by increasing the mobility, and reteaching how to move powerful.

I have been in the fitness year for almost 8 years first working on PT clinical side dealing with rehab and reaching clients how to walk, sit, bend, crawl, and move again. Before working as a PT I had the opportunity to play Professional Baseball and now am using that knowledge to help condition and train baseball player to reach the next level. As well training baseball players we also train MMA fighter, and Golfers (both amateur and professional) at our facility.

Michael is also a fitness author and speaker, and continues writing monthly articles in local magazines in the Columbus Ohio area.

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