Meghan Cosenzo

Tea Expert, Certified Tea Specialist and Founder of TeaLife

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio!  Hi, I'm Meghan!  I am the Author of Soul Tea:  How to Use Tea to Enrich Your Body, Mind and Spirit, the Founder of TeaLife, and I am a Certified Tea Specialist.

They say life guides you towards your true calling, and I truly believe tea found me. I always believed in being fair, respectful and caring. However, I longed for a purpose, a way to help and serve others, and the opportunity to bring people together. I discovered this purpose with tea. It warms the heart and it feeds the soul by building friendships, connecting culture, and healing people. Tea fills the desire and need I have been longing for my entire life.

Tea is also my passion.  In fulfilling my passion, I have witnessed, first hand, the power of tea.  Tea can provide comfort, healing and connectedness.  By drinking tea, we can share, love and grow together, with every cup.

About TeaLife

TeaLife was founded in Regina, Saskatchewan and is now owned and operated in Calgary, AB, Canada. TeaLife sells high quality organic loose teas and tea accessories. Our goal is to provide unique and high quality product that delivers all the benefits of loose tea. We take pride in providing a one stop shop for beautiful and amazing loose tea and accessories.

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