Max Liang

Feng Shui Master

Master Max is a scientist and possess a BSc.(Hons) degree in Life Sciences from NUS, like many trained in the pure sciences he does not believe in the field of metaphysics in the beginning. However, he came to a point in life that led him to ask the question, “how to tell a person’s character just by their physical characteristics”. He subsequently embarked on the study of Physiognomy (MianXiang), a method developed through generations to compare facial and physical characteristics to human character, to learn the skill and apply in everyday life. Through the past eight years, he has also studied further under various masters in I-Ching, Bazi, Fengshui, Numerology and Advanced Physiognomy. Master Max has attained the level of Advanced Life Destiny Forecaster (高级预测师) under China ZhouYi Association (中华周易协会)(CZY).

Master Max also conducts Fengshui audits for companies and homes and conduct life mentor programs for individuals. He also acts as adviser to SMEs, to assist in improving their business through the various ancient arts of Metaphysics and Numerology.

Master Max, being well versed in the Eastern arts of metaphysics and the Western statistically correlated work of numerology, uses both Physiognomy and Numerology to decipher individuals’ life conditions and character as well as to recommend remedies and course of action to act upon. Master Max also helps individuals to decipher their life path and guide them through every stage of difficulties providing direct remedies to their obstacles and challenges.

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