Mattias Johansson

Senior Software Engineer

Hi, I'm Mattias Johansson and I have been working on developing software in C++ for more than 15 years by now. I have always enjoyed diving into solving difficult problems as well as developing computer software.

I live in Göteborg, Sweden, where I have been living since 1999. I moved here to start my studies at Chalmers University. I liked the city and have since then stayed. After I took my M.Sc in Applied Physics, I went on to do a PhD in Optical Remote Sensing. During my studies I implemented the methods and algorithms  which I was trying to develop in C++. Honestly, the code wasn't that great looking, but which research code is? Well, after I finished I joined a great company called Thorlabs where I was working on designing and developing software for data analysis and instrument control. I really learned a lot on how to write good quality software during my more than six years at the company. However, as time goes I felt it was time to move on and I have now joined a small company in town which develops software (in C++ mostly) and algorithms for computer vision and image analysis.  

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