Matthias Hombauer

Rockstar Photographer

Matthias Hombauer is a Rockstar Photographer, author and entrepreneur based in Vienna, Austria. After finishing his Ph.D. in molecular biology he decided to follow his two passions – music and photography – instead, which was the best decision in his life. 

Without any professional photography training or knowledge of the music industry, but equipped with a burning desire to reach his goals, he started his unbelievable journey.

Matthias has been shooting artists such as The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Iggy Pop, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, The Prodigy and Muse to name a few; was published on album covers and tour posters, is a regular contributor for international magazines/blogs such as Rolling Stone Magazine, The Huffington Post and Peta Pixel, is working with brands such as Manfrotto, Converse, Instragram, is advising people at workshops, exhibiting his music pictures and traveling around the world as a tour photographer. 

He is the founder of the online platform “How to Become A Rockstar Photographer” which helps people to get started to live their passion as concert photographers. What started as a personal blog is now a worldwide community with people following from 100+ countries.

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