Dr Matt Lewis

Psychology Professor

I am currently a university academic teaching in psychology, health and personal development. In recent years I’ve helped design and deliver courses in mindfulness, positive psychology and Acceptance & Commitment Training (ACT) to the general public, and postgraduate Masters classes in positive psychology to coaches, trainers, teachers and health professionals. I am author of the book 'Overcome Anxiety: A Self Help Toolkit for Anxiety Relief and Panic Attacks', available on Amazon in the USA, U.K. and Europe. passionate about helping individuals to understand the scientific research within the field of mindfulness, positive psychology and ACT, and in assisting them in applying it to their everyday lives. My purpose is to help people live rich, full and meaningful lives whatever circumstances they find themselves in.

I have been a university lecturer in the U.K. for over 10 years in both Psychology and Sport & Exercise Science Departments. I have an undergraduate BSc (Hons) degree in Sport & Exercise Science and PhD in Psychology. I was also a founding member of the Newcastle Centre for Positive Living at Northumbria University, a research and consultancy centre focusing on furthering the understanding and application of positive psychology. I have taught health psychology, exercise psychology, positive psychology and mindfulness to both undergraduate and post graduate students for over ten years. This has included teaching both mindfulness theory and applied practice to large and small groups of students and one-to-one sessions. I also teach experiential courses in positive psychology to the general public and applied mindfulness programmes to both students and staff.

When I developed my own company, I wanted to create a different kind of well-being and personal development business. The company is born out of compassion and the desire to help people to change their lives for the better, and from day one I’ve built the culture around a set of four guiding principles that reflect this:

  • Put people first
  • Keep it simple
  • Make it enjoyable
  • Optimise for happiness and well-being, not profit

  • I believe that by following my principles, passions and strengths, and doing things the right way, good things will happen (and the bottom line will take care of itself).

    I am author of the book 'Overcome Anxiety: A Self Help Toolkit for Anxiety Relief and Panic Attacks' available on Amazon in the USA, U.K. and Europe.

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