Mary Cummings

Business Mentor, Online Educator, Journalist, Author

I'm Mary Cummings, a business mentor, online educator, freelance journalist and published author.

I help creative freelancers find their work sweet spot, with projects that truly excite and challenge them, for clients they enjoy with. 

I also help business owners write and publish their business book, with my personalised ghostwriting service.

When I made my decision to set up my own Freelance business over 10 years ago, I had no plan, no safety nets, no guarantees.

I made mistakes. Big ones.

There were all those marketing myths I found myself buying into. You've probably heard some of them yourself:

- to compete in today's marketplace, you need to work your butt off;

- sacrifice everything in order to succeed, otherwise, you're not a serious entrepreneur;

- plug yourself into every conceivable social media channel out there;

- you need a big list before you can sell anything;

- you need to DO more;

- you need to BE more;

- more, more, more....

All so exhausting and demoralizing.

Not only are they myths, they're big, fat lies and not in the least bit helpful for anyone trying to build a business AND have a life at the same time.

So I'm really looking forward to helping you dispel those myths and more importantly, earn higher fees without working your socks off.

Here's to your best year ever.


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