Mary Bartnikowski

Award-winning Photographer 29 years, Silicon Valley, Author

Join 1041 students and Mary Bartnikowski, award-winning photographer and author, for 29 years in Palo Alto, California, down the street from Steve Jobs.

Mary's expertise shooting for clients from Google, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, angel investors, CEO's, authors, families and start-ups will kickstart your photography by revealing the secrets that made her $500 an hour.

She has led programs at Apple Computer, Stanford University, Intel, University of Hawaii, humanitarian projects worldwide and her private Photo Safari workshops.

Photographing 722 weddings in the Bay Area kickstarted her pitch perfect timing. Shooting emotional events forced her to take killer people photos and pushed her to be fast on her feet and get the shot even in a parade of paparazzi. Or wild elephants.

In 2009 she sold her belongings in Palo Alto and launched herself on a solo expedition around the world shooting, teaching, writing and reflecting. Her home is now on Kauai where she leads private photo safaris and continues to shoot and write.

Photographs from her exhibitions are in the collections of art investors in the USA.

Her students say,

"It was an experience to open the door into a new world." Nana Pirata, Japan

"It made me see in a new way." William Steinmetz, USA

"I had a lot of fun and learned so much!" Virginie Geronton, Paris, France

"I learned it all today, light, composition, timing, and angle." Jacky Li, Canada

Mary has written 4 books (on Amazon), photographed the Dalai Lama in India twice, was almost trampled by elephants in Nepal while shooting and teaches worldwide with private students and humanitarian foundations.

Mary has had 11 one-woman exhibitions in San Francisco and Palo Alto and her work is in the collections of art investors globally and private corporations, most recently Lululemon.

She's been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Ambergris Today in Belize, and on over 100 radio stations across North America.

Her app on being a location independent entrepreneur + how to take incredible photographs is in the itunes store (for iphones/ipads) Vagabond Travel Photography Mag.

You can get her free 37 page ebook she wrote on Secrets of Stunning Photography and get one-on-one photography guidance on life, fun, and killer photography by coming to Kauai for a private 3-Day retreat.

Discover more tips on better pics on her facebook and youtube channel below.

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