Entrepreneur, Attorney, Teacher Mary Hodges

Personal Development Teacher at Udemy

For the much of my life, I've studied and implemented principals of the Law of Attraction and positive thinking to achieve success. These principals have helped me graduate from all levels of schooling with academic and athletic honors, start my own law firm, and now branch out to teach other about living their best life.

I believe that we are all capable of manifesting positive change in our lives. This belief, however, can be difficult for some to implement in our daily lives - even me at times. We owe it to ourselves to make a commitment to work consistently on our personal growth and health.

I've made that commitment and have experienced steady growth in my business and an amazing shift in my attitude. I want to share my experiences and the tools I use with others to affect positive change in as many people as I can.

I live by the mantra "Daily Consistent Progress." I'm confident that as long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other, take baby steps, and make progress, I will reach my goals and have a life better than what I was capable of imagining. You can too!

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