Marta Kagan

Presentation & Storytelling Master

Over the past 10+ years, I've created some of the most popular, most memorable presentations of all time, including What the F**k Is Social Media, What Would Steve Do? and several others that have been featured on Mashable and LinkedIn as the "Must-Read SlideShares" of the year. Cumulatively, my presentations have amassed over 10 Million views and resulted in over $100M in venture funding. 

As former Head of Brand & Buzz at HubSpot, I led the launch of INBOUND (their annual conference), coined their first tagline, and produced three of their most viewed/shared SlideShare presentations to date. 

In 2013, I founded Martafy Inc., with the mission of putting an end to boring, lackluster presentations and helping executives, entrepreneurs, sales teams, and professional speakers create and deliver insanely great presentations and pitches that GET RESULTS!

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