Mark Dotta


I am an Industrial Technology teacher of Architecture, CAD Engineering and Robotics. So, I know how to make things, including wine! I originally planned on making a course about Engineering or related material. I decided that there was already a good deal of such videos already being offered on Udemy, so I decided to create a course about something I have been doing for many years. I am very passionate about making wine, and I have been doing so for about 10 years. I have made a variety of wines including apple, dry red wine, sweet red wine and even port. It is my families tradition to make wine every year and I would love to help others start such traditions with their families. We make about 100 gallons per year of red wine from a variety of California grapes. Although making wine directly from grapes is a little more challenging and expensive so I decided to offer an easier course for beginners. The course will focus on making wine from freshly pressed grape juice that can be purchased at a wine supply store. I have also made wine this way and I have all the necessary equipment. With my many years of experience I have learned a great deal about the winemaking process and what can go wrong and how to fix it or avoid it. I have read countless books, articles and have talked to other winemakers. If I can put all my knowledge in one place, I could save others many hours of frustration and confusion. My course will review basic wine terms, theory, all the equipment they will need. Students will learn exactly how to make wine by watching my step-by-step videos of the process. I am very excited to get started, lets make some wine!

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