Marjan Arbab

Academician, Freelancer, Blogger

Specialized in the field of Business and Economics, Marjan Khan is an academician , freelancer and Blogger.

Apart from her graduate Studies in Economics and Business, her freelancing career started when she believed in the idea that a women can both learn and earn at home. From 2010-2011 she was considered one of the most highly paid , committed and consistent freelancer of her Province. She write, reads, creates online tutorials videos and is equipped with using wordpress divi ! . Additionally, Marjan has written various academic and non-academic articles in various magazines, journals and newsletters. She still writes her own personal blog about how her freelancing career changed the way she thought about her life.

As creativity has no ends, her passion for blogging and freelancing remained the same even when she was hired as an academician for teaching various subjects of Economics and Business. The extensive learning she had from 3 years of teaching enabled her to perform the same way in the virtual world. and this led her to Udemy . And she began teaching in her own expertise that is Micro and Macroeconomics. Her upcoming videos will include Economic Development as well as History of Economics.

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