Marilyn Sager

The Amazon Sales Ninja

Having sold on Amazon for more than 20 years, Marilyn Sager - the Amazon Sales Ninja - knows a thing or two about how and what to sell on the world's most dynamic and accessible marketplace!

From books to electronics, toys to jewelry - and even groceries - almost ANYTHING can be sold profitably on Amazon.

And, ANYBODY can do it! Marilyn has a unique ability to break it down into simple-to-follow steps, principles, and techniques.

Marilyn's expertise in marketing and sales did not start with the internet. She built a successful business in the very competitive New York metropolitan area market, before moving online with sites like Amazon and Ebay.

"Amazon presents an opportunity for anybody to make a living from a business they built at their kitchen table - in their pajamas," said Marilyn.

When Marilyn started, Amazon was a completely different animal - offering only auctions, just like EBay. But, as Amazon grew, so did their business model, allowing individual entrepreneurs to make Full-Time income with Part-time work.

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