Marguerite Beaty

Photography Teacher @Udemy

★ I am a photographer and I love to teach photography.

★ Do you want to learn how to use the manual mode in your camera?

★ Do you want to create a photo portfolio to share with friends and family?

♥ Learn how to capture your newborn child's earliest moments with awesome photos?

Some of my past lives: I worked as a stockbroker in São Paulo, Brazil for approximately six years. When I moved to New York City in 1988 I changed careers and returned to school. I studied at the School of Visual Arts for one year and finished my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Florida International University.

I received a full scholarship from the University of Miami to do my Masters of Fine Arts in Photography. The best 3 years I have ever had! Just imagine: 3 years working on photography projects. What a luxury! ♥

During that time I taught at the university and began to exhibit my work. Upon completing school I continued to teach as an adjunct and to photograph for different corporations.

I taught at the University of Miami, Art Institute, Barry University among other places.

These are some of the places that showed my work:

Naples Museum of Art in Naples, Fl

Museum of Latin America, Long Beach, Ca.

Dot Fiftyone, Miami, Fl

Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Miami

Michael C Rockefeller Arts Gallery Fredonia NY

These are some of the grants that I received:

Creative Capital, New York Foundation, State of Florida Individual Artist Fellowship, Artist Enhancement Grant Miami-Dade County, Florida Breast Cancer Coalition, Travel Grant to Washington DC

These are some of the awards:

MOLAA Award an Invitational Juried Art Competition and Exhibition at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach California

Golden Mouse Award in 2014 for Online Photography Classes.

At this time: I am focusing on teaching one-on-one classes while I develop new online classes. I teach Introduction to photography, studio classes, the business of photography, social media for photographers and baby photography classes.

My photography work has changed directions completely. I am enjoying travel photography and the adventures that come along with traveling. My interest in food photography came from one of those very special trips.

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