Dr. Margot Duncan

Mindfulness Coach and Chi Master

Dr. Margot Duncan (Ph.D), a Mindfulness Coach and Chi Master, specialises in helping people connect with the joy of being.  

Over 20 years of experience, she has found that Mudras (hand positions for meditation) are one of the easiest and most effective ways to help people clear their minds and adjust inner chi automatically. 

"Through releasing stress and emotional blockages, your natural self-healing is activated.  You immediately gain better access to insight, intuition and higher-level thinking.  You can solve problems creatively and you no longer feel overwhelmed by life. It's a clear way to joy and fulfillment." says Dr. Margot.  

As a Chi Master, based in South East Queensland, Australia, her work focuses on bridging the gap between ancient Eastern wisdom, especially energy-based practices, and modern Western science.  Her goal is to help people find:

1.  Practices that deliver results quickly.
2.  Practices that easily become a natural part of daily experience; and
3.  Practices that will continue to enrich you for your whole life.

"Chi is the key." she says. "These practices, connected with chi, are gifts that keep on giving. They continue unfolding the more you do them; revealing treasures, unlocking secrets and restoring your true joy of being at deeper and deeper levels. Every day is different as your practice connects with the moving universe." 

Dr. Margot has been inspired by the great wisdom traditions of Tibet and China and especially by her experiences practicing with the renowned Quantum Chi Master, Master Yang, with whom she has visited ancient power locations throughout China, refining her experience of working with energy and the environment.  

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