Malik is a passionate Software Engineer who has been in the field for 4 years now. He is currently working as a Professional Web Developer and Designer as well as working in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) research and development. Throughout his career, he has built so many state-of-the-art websites and applications on various platforms. He enjoys exploring new design techniques, diving into algorithm analysis, studying human-computer interaction, and exploring new sophisticated tweaks to come up with the best possible designs for the websites and applications he develops and designs.

Malik is also a professional and certified translator/interpreter who currently speaks 3 different languages and is into the fourth one. Once he understands a new design, algorithm, or even a language, he absorbs it, gets familiar with it, then he has the ability to analyze that new technique, restate and explain it in the simplest and most efficient way possible; this is why he decided to pour his highly-professional, uniquely-analyzed and simply explained knowledge into Udemy's bowl of knowledge to spread the magic.

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