Mahnur Mamedova

Russian Language Teacher and Translator.

My name is Mahnur. I have the Bachelor Degree in Translation (Rus. – Eng.) obtained from Baku Slavic University,  and Master`s Degree in Linguistics obtained from  Azerbaijan Tourism and Managment University. I have worked as a Russian  instructor  and interpreter for about 6 years and enjoy doing it. Although Russian is not my native language, I began learning it when I started school in Russia, Moscow and continued mastering it at Slavic University in Azerbaijan, where the Russian language is widely spoken. I'm teaching students of different ages and levels, from small children to adults.

  I'm  passionate about translation and interpretation as well. I have dealt with this language for all my life, studying it or teaching. So I know quiet well what kind of difficulties one can have while learning it. That`s why I have decided to make such a course, based on tecniques of making sentences step by step in a very simple way and I am quiet sure that it will be very helpful.  Hope you enjoy it.

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